33 Roses: Being Visible

One of the things I love most about my work is all the traveling I get to do around the world. In between engagements I take every opportunity to visit interesting sites and mingle with the locals.

The other day while in Hong Kong, I finally came around buying myself a selfie stick (yes, a selfie stick!) and doing some pending personal homework. I visited the Hong Kong Flower Market and bought 33 white roses in honour of my grandfather, José M. Alonso.

A couple of months ago I had consulted a constellator regarding professional success. Constellations are powerful visualisations that reveal family patterns that hold us back, empowering us in our life journey.

Even though I have enjoyed success in life, I always felt I was somehow ‘hiding’, keeping myself from bigger success. I discovered my grandfather was ‘the hidden one’ in my family. Outwardly, he was a successful businessman who provided well for his family. Under the surface, he was a 33rd degree Freemason, a humanist and a freethinker working towards improving himself and making the world a little better. He did so under the radar, hiding from Franco, who brutally persecuted Freemasonry.

My granddad fled from Asturias to Havana and Caracas at a time when it was possible to build wealth in Cuba and Venezuela, and then settled in the Canary Islands where he became a successful entrepreneur. His humanistic work was a secret.

As a kid, his passing away was an excruciatingly sad day. His funeral was a multitudinary affair too, people came from everywhere.

Now that I’m putting all the pieces together I also realize everytime I have visited La Laguna (Tenerife), the older people have always treated me well, ‘Oh, Don José’s granddaughter.’

He was loved.

There was something about him, whether telling us about a good exercise routine, teaching us about astrology or sending us humongous baskets of Christmas sweets around this time of the year, the moment he entered the room one would feel abundance in the broadest sense of the word.

My task today is to feel connected to my granddad and to be visible. My work is important and I don’t need to hide. It is safe today to do ‘real work’ out there, without hiding.

How about you? Is there anything blocking you from achieving the success you desire?
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And, by the way, as it turns out, my grandpa was an organizational innovator. More about that in an upcoming post.

* * * *

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