The Solution Architect as a Communicator


Are you as a Solution Architect communicating effectively?

As a Solution Architect you are both a leader and a team player. You are simultaneously, an accomplished individual, and a part of a complex system, the team and organization you work for. Navigating the complexity of relationship dynamics that exist within teams and organizations can feel like walking through a minefield, and is often a challenge for even the most experienced professionals.

Reducing taxing interactions within teams and organizations can have a powerful impact, strengthening those complex systems by improving working relationships between departments, teams and team members.

John Gottman identified 4 behaviours that are so toxic, that he refers to them as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I am sure you are familiar with at least some of these behaviours:

Blaming/ Criticism: attacking the person, instead of the behaviour
Defensiveness: not owning own behaviour
Contempt: name calling, sarcasm, belittling, anything attempting to create distance with another
Stonewalling: cutting off communication, silent treatment, refusal to engage

Take a deep breath and answer the questions in my questionnaire with T (True) or F (False).

You can download it here: The Four Tech Team Toxins: #solutionarchitect


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