The Solution Architect as a Leader




Are you aware of your power and its effectiveness?

Power is an internal quality that affects everything we do. Our use of power impacts others, and others’ use of power impacts us. When it comes to communication, team collaboration, and getting things done within an organization, it is critical to understand how power works and how to use it.

As a Solution Architect you have lead developers report to you, and you yourself report to a number of roles within your organization. Navigating the complexity of relationship dynamics that exist within teams and organizations is always filled with power issues. As a Solution Architect you find yourself having to both lead up and lead down.

We all have a personal Powerprint. This powerprint is constantly influenced by our personality and the variety of positions we hold within organizations and society. Each one of us has therefore different, and at times, conflicting ranks at the same time. I am sure having the positional power of a Solution Architect doesn’t necessarily translate to always feeling powerful. Understanding how your behaviour affects the people you lead and creating alignment between your sense of power and your use of it is the new core competency of the 21st century.

Whether you are already a Solution Architect or would like to be one, you can empower yourself and others to use power healthily and wisely. My questionnaire will help you gain greater Awareness of power so you can move towards a use of it that is ethical, authentic and effective.

Download the questionnaire here:

Tech Team Power Questionnaire: #solutionarchitect


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