Before You Go On A Firing Binge…

In today’s vlog I speak about the superpower of CEO Satya Nadella, who in just three and a half years has generated $250bn in market value for Microsoft.

In the transition from the industrial era to the VUCA world, another major shift has occurred. These days employees want their ideas to be valued and used.

If you are a leader today, your most scalable course of action is taking responsibility for developing the superpower and the conditions to engage the talents and intelligences of your people, and then letting them pour into their work. Today’s employees have a natural desire to create and contribute, and some conditions are conducive to it and some aren’t.

Becoming a contemporary leader is both challenging and easy. Challenging because you will have to let go of long-standing beliefs that are not useful today, and easy because once you get the hang of how engagement works, you will further your business vision with much less effort. What leader wouldn’t want that?

Music: Jacob Ter Veldhuis
Piano: Sonsoles Alonso

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Sonsoles Alonso
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