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The Return of the Renaissance (Wo)man — Part I

This article is part I of the talk on multipotentiality and the transfer of skills that I gave a few months ago during Stichting Hoogbegaafd!’s (The Gifted! Foundation) Symposium in the Netherlands. I originally gave the talk in Dutch. Artwork Tyler Lamph And I began.. My presentation will be about three things: 1. The ‘business of […]

Fierce Funnelism: The Road To Nowhere

It was one of those gorgeous sunny California afternoons with reasonably little traffic back in November. I drove my rental car from Pleasanton to San Rafael to meet with Team Coaching International’s CEO Phillip Sandahl. Sitting on an outside table at Starbucks, we quickly bonded over life experience, systems coaching, global business, and a love […]

Emotional Data Is Part Of The New Oil

The well-oiled workplace Unless you have been living under a rock, you know data is the new oil. You can improve what you can measure, and nothing beats opinion like good data does. If innovation is relevant to scaling your business, then collecting data will allow you to make decisions with less bias. Yet, in […]

The 9 Lives Of A Leader

Today’s post is about the inner work of a leader, about you being the change you want to see in your team or organization in the era of adaptability. It is about using the wisdom of the Alexander Technique, Tao, professional athletes, and cats, so you can land on your feet and enjoy the 9 […]

My 8 Weeks As Rotary Chairperson Without Buy-In

Are you perhaps a CTO pushing for technology-driven change without having buy-in? Or a high-potential pushing for a new direction, and not sure if others are on board? Are you running hard, yet doing so pretty much on your own? Research by the Corporate Executive Board confirms that half of the executives promoted to the […]

The War Against Talent

Did you say War for Talent? The other day, Pablo, a data scientist with international experience, an impressive cv, and a passion and capacity for learning, posted on LinkedIn. He had had an awkward but unfortunately commonplace experience with a recruiter. Many organizations and recruiters go around screaming terms like ‘skills gap’ and ‘fighting the […]

Are You A Disruptor?

What my father’s illness taught me about the threat of the high performer Somewhere in my early twenties, when I was a student in New York, my father, who was living in Spain, was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. The condition was chronic, and judging by the doctor’s comments and the life a friend of the […]

Stand In Your Power

The other day, one of my students posted a question related to the challenges he faces when interacting with his upper management. Steve, as I am going to call him, is a developer. To me, it was clear all along that Steve is a good guy who wants to see things get better for all […]