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Planning for Uncertainty: The Leader as a Service Designer

Uncertainty is inherent to software development and our uncertain world is more uncertain than ever… What happens to planning when everything goes to hell? When looking at the marketplace from the perspective of power, we have been experiencing an earth shattering shift: from power being in the hands of the seller, to it being in […]

A Team That Aligns Together Stays Together

Yes, we may all be created equal, but no, we are definitely not all equals when it comes to the workplace! Organizations may believe adopting consensus mentality humanizes the workplace, making everyone feel a reasonable level of comfort. Nevertheless, even if there could be some merit in doing so, groupthink in the office is looking […]

The Solution Architect as a Communicator

  Are you as a Solution Architect communicating effectively? As a Solution Architect you are both a leader and a team player. You are simultaneously, an accomplished individual, and a part of a complex system, the team and organization you work for. Navigating the complexity of relationship dynamics that exist within teams and organizations can […]

The Solution Architect as a Leader

      Are you aware of your power and its effectiveness? Power is an internal quality that affects everything we do. Our use of power impacts others, and others’ use of power impacts us. When it comes to communication, team collaboration, and getting things done within an organization, it is critical to understand how power works […]

33 Roses: Being Visible

One of the things I love most about my work is all the traveling I get to do around the world. In between engagements I take every opportunity to visit interesting sites and mingle with the locals. The other day while in Hong Kong, I finally came around buying myself a selfie stick (yes, a selfie stick!) […]

Modern Music is…Modern Organization

Music is organized sound – Edgar Varèse When I started my organizational design consulting business 5 years ago, I had just made a 15-year trip from the bureaucracy of the classical music world to the agility of the contemporary multidisciplinary arts. I attended every single networking event I could possibly think of and talked about my […]