Tools include
Leadership Checkup, Growth Makeover, Communication Detox, Information-Era Decision-Making, Millennials Integration

You have a vision and the means to make it happen. You care deeply about your mission and its success, and you move very fast. You want your company to be relevant and sought-out in the market. And yet secretly, you ask yourself, if I am so driven and I have this solid track record of success, why can’t I today get the people in my company to give their very best, continuously and consistently? Why do projects consistently cost so much? Why do I always feel I am moving so much faster than everyone else?

The people issue
Let me reassure you, the people issue is real, and you are not alone. And the good news is, it can be solved. I can help you design a simpler and more productive work environment. I work with many smart people like yourself so you can initiate and incubate transformation, and model the culture that you want to see. And I will model that for you with a set of skills and tools based on Relationship Systems Intelligence.

Engagement and leadership in the era of multi-generational teams and organizations
Given the abundance of information in our current realities, it has become increasingly difficult for any single leader to access and control all the knowledge needed for success. How do we organize leadership in the era of overinformation if the management legacy of the by now 100-year old assembly line was in fact, to comparmentalize information? How do we meet the duality present in many organizations where there is, roughly, a group above 45 and another under 45, that have basically built their work expectations on entirely different building blocks? I have many great tools we can positively use to initiate processes that will model both a different type of leadership and a way of working together. A model that will engage and empower your team to hold motivation collectively and to produce concrete tangible results. Your team will learn to see and experience themselves as part of a larger system, and will be equipped to co-create and solve complex issues in effective and efficient ways by leveraging the power of its emotional, social and collective intelligences.

ORSC stands for Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching
It is an integrated and robust set of skills and tools designed for organizational development professionals that incorporates emotional and social intelligence and will ultimately help you lead your team and organization as a whole system rather than as a group of individuals. It will allow us to meet volatility with vision, uncertainty with awareness, complexity with clarity, and ambiguity with agility, while incubating and promoting productive collaboration and engagement across departments and projects.

Organizational Design Thinking
When you have tried everything and feel it is time to go beyond traditional teambuilding, it is time for systems and design thinking to acknowledge and leverage the intelligence of the collective. I can help you with team and leadership development, and constructive conflict management.

My 5 Steps to Success include meeting and listening to your stories, having me over to mingle as one more of your ’employees’, me presenting you with a clear picture (literally a one-page visual) of what is happening and how to unstuck (I have been told I am really good at this!), planning & agenda, and a transformation process that typically lasts six months to a year.

This 5-step process takes place onsite throughout the world, or through a combination of on-site and online presence.