Tools include
Alignment Repair, Bridging Silos, Communication Detox, Wholistic Thinking

Becoming skillful in relationship
You are probably longing for positive role models and training to become skillful in your work relationships. I will provide you with a new language and tools to create vitalizing and fulfilling relationships.

Relationship coaching is less about the individuals and more about the relationship itself as the entity to be coached
The focus of relationship coaching is not who is doing what to whom, but what is trying to happen for your relationship. My approach sees all individuals as intelligent and creative. Intelligent and creative both to co-design the desired relationship and to navigate conflict as an opportunity for growth.

Whether in a new relationship or working together for many years
Having successful relationships asks for knowledge, practice, and intention. My passion and skill is to remove obstacles and set you in motion. With relationship coaching I can help you create positive and lasting change.

Globally by Skype
I work with executive teams (2 members and up) of all origins and orientations throughout the globe. I am fully fluent in English, Dutch and Spanish.

My 2-step plan to success includes a 45-min free intake and a coaching process that typically lasts three to six months.
You are hiring me because you want to achieve significant change in your executive team, and significant change typically takes time. For this reason my clients commit to a three to four month coaching process. During our first session we will co-design our coaching relationship based on your agenda, and the three to four month time span will allow both for our coaching relationship to develop and be powerful, and for you to achieve the desired changes.  As your coach you have my word that I am fully committed to your being in your power and having the relationship that you truly want to have.