Sonsoles Alonso


During her career as a renowned pianist in The Netherlands, Sonsoles acquired the experience and skills which are most valuable for her present work as an international organizational development consultant in the fields of high-performing teams and leadership. A high-performing team being one that is productive and engaged.

Whereas the world has a plethora of consultants who have learned theories about the complex challenges of our current times, and solutions that are mostly gimmicks, Sonsoles was actually there, when it was happening, before the world became as it is today. The high-performing teams of the networked organization in The Netherlands were both the motor of continuous organizational transformation and the response to the volatile and uncertain world of the Dutch performing arts. Sonsoles learned by experience to adapt to volatility with vision, uncertainty with awareness, complexity with clarity, and ambiguity with agility.

Her path is proof of her own leadership skills. With passion, self-discipline, humor and perseverance as her core values, she built a thriving performing career in a country where she initially knew absolutely no one. A performing career in the broadest sense of the word: on the one hand as the roaring pianist on the stage, on the other as the successful businessperson off the stage, creating a market for one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary and multimedia productions, and gathering over a decade of experience with the networked organization, a lean, agile, purpose-driven and productive type of organization very specific to The Netherlands. One that leveraged its co-creative power from the social interaction among the collective. Within this context, Sonsoles further developed the traits of high performers: managing emotions, controlling fear and taking massive action. Clients speak of her transforming energy, deep insight and boundless enthusiasm. And the Dutch describe her as a mix of Dutch business mindedness and Spanish temperament.

She is fully fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch and has over 15 years of experience with multidisciplinary projects in several countries, in several languages and with different nationalities, in a variety of roles – as an advisor, facilitator, project evaluator, product and project manager, and board member -, and in different domains – audiovisual, automotive, IT and biotech.

Sonsoles is Senior Advisor Innovative Organization by the Antwerp Management School and a certified ORSC Teamcoach. ORSC stands for Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching.