Live Performances: Videos

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‘Sonsoles hat mit ihrem Recital beim Randspiele-Festival restlos überzeugt. Mein ‘Dialog Imaginär 2′ mit Tonband war brilliant gespielt und perfekt im Timing’


‘Engaged, versatile, intelligent and precise. Excellent dialogue with the electronics’

‘Sonsoles is one of the great performers of my work’

‘Sonsoles Alonso is a brilliant musician who propels the pianistic dimension into the future. Working with her towards the creation of new musical dimensions is a true pleasure’

‘Performing with Sonsoles is sheer joy, the passion that she imparts in her playing is inspirational…’

‘In mijn samenwerking met Sonsoles ontstaat er chemie’

Live Performances: MP3s

Schubert Jeths – Collage

Jonathan Harvey – The Riot (bc, fl/pic, piano Sonsoles Alonso)