Tools include
Alignment Repair, Bridging Silos, Productive Scaling, Business Awareness, Multigenerational Integration

miltenyi_siteOrganizational Design Thinking
When you have tried everything and feel it is time to go beyond traditional teambuilding, it is time for systems and design thinking to acknowledge and leverage the intelligence of the collective. I can help your team with leadership development, understanding of the business need, and constructive conflict management.

ORSC stands for Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching
It is an integrated and robust set of skills and tools designed for organizational development professionals that incorporates emotional and social intelligence and will ultimately help you lead your team and organization as a whole system rather than as a group of individuals. It will allow us to meet volatility with vision, uncertainty with awareness, complexity with clarity, and ambiguity with agility, while incubating and promoting productive collaboration and engagement across departments and projects

My 5 Steps to Success include meeting and listening to your stories, having me over to mingle as one more of your ‘team members’, me presenting you with a clear picture (literally a one-page visual) of what is happening and how to unstuck (I have been told I am really good at this!), planning & agenda, and a transformation process that typically lasts six months to a year.

This 5-step process takes place onsite throughout the world, or through a combination of on-site and online presence.