What it is about

imageReturn on Relationship
Emerging from modern-day research on leadership, intelligence, creativity, process psychology and systems theory, and my experience with lean and agile processes in The Netherlands, my work focuses on return on relationship. This focus acknowledges that we are in constant relationship. In relationship to the many aspects of our own self, in relationship to others in our personal and professional lives, or in relationship within a team or organization. I help executives and teams with their emotional, social and systems intelligences. Where emotional intelligence focuses on self-awareness and social intelligence on other-awareness, systems intelligence, allows teams to move beyond the personal and develop a powerful group identity.

Designing powerful executive and team relationships
Processwork is about creating and leveraging the power of relationship. My toolbox contains skills, experiences, and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching tools, as well as serious games that can be applied to all human relationship systems, from individuals to larger (executive) teams and orgs.

Processwork and business process improvement for organizations
My knowledge and experience cover the wide range of right-brain processwork practices on the one side, and more left-brain OD practices like the ones conveyed by my title of Senior Advisor Innovative Organization by the Antwerp Management School on the other. Given this broad spectrum of practices and experiences, I call myself an organizational design thinking consultant. I work globally on-site and on Skype.